Honeymoon Travel

Honeymoon Travel

With first-hand knowledge of destinations and resorts, our specialists have planned hundreds of honeymoons for our clients. When you tell us about your dream honeymoon, we will offer you romantic custom suggestions based on your needs and budget. As a full-service travel agency, we have exclusive and in-depth relationships with resorts and hotels all over the world. We can fully customize your honeymoon based on all of your needs to find you the best honeymoon places so you can enjoy your romantic vacation together. You will be assigned your own agent throughout your entire process. We guarantee our clients top-notch service from our expert honeymoon specialists. Let our professional agents serve you today.

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Start your Honeymoon Romance

If you have said your vows already, Congratulations to you!

So then why should you go on a honeymoon in the first place? Do you see it as a trip to disregard or delay? With our clients that thought it was a trip to skip, they changed their minds when considering a honeymoon for themselves…just themselves.

With our clients that planned a destination wedding, a honeymoon was a perfect way to extend their time alone together with their destination of choice. With our experience not only working closely with destination affiliates, we knew our clients would fall in love with the romantic property selections and adventurous excursions to start their very first holiday together – all within their budget.

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Our couples who extend their honeymoon celebration of their marriage, enjoy intimate moments they cherish together. In today’s culture, work and family take time. But what about time for you as a couple? Surely there is nothing stopping anyone for booking online and turning a vacation into a romantic one. But when we talk with you, we go further than that.

We know time is of the essence and we can help you save time with our knowledge and honeymoon travel expertise. We will find you the best honeymoon locations that are budget friendly. Whether it’s giving you our best recommendations of food choices in the area to unique concierge services, we will help select your best places for your honeymoon so you can be pampered, adjust and finally rejuvenate together without stress. Start your very own “Holiday” together. Contact your honeymoon travel experts at Unique Moons today to create your personalised honeymoon packages! Talk to our Honeymoon travel agents at 609-775-9116 for your free consultation.

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We obsess over detail.

Unique moons will help make your honeymoon a reality and that means giving you our perspective on any properties and activities you’re interested in and we suggest, based on your needs. Presenting well is one thing, but an actual property or how an activity operates is another. We are aware of the levels of quality and services many venues have to offer and we will inform you about them. Our expert staff will help you select amazing properties within budget, because they do exist, and help you avoid problematic situations throughout the entire planning process. Your Honeymoon WILL be unforgettable.

We aim to provide you with your amazing experience of a lifetime!

Romantic activities are always fun and intimate for honeymooners. Depending on where in the world you choose to go on your romantic getaway, there are honeymoon activities that will be a great addition for your memories together. From kayaking through tranquil waters or horseback riding on the beach to rock climbing, we will find you the very best locations and activities that are amazing during your month(s) of choice, with your budget in mind. Travel with confidence knowing the romantic honeymoon of your dreams is about to begin. Start planning your honeymoon now and maximize your time and money.

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Choose From the Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Celebrate your honeymoon in some of the most romantic places in the world. Whether you are thinking about having a honeymoon involving an enchanting safari to a romantic dinner on the beach with exotic food choices, we will be here to help. Explorer our choices of amazing locations for your honeymoon travel below in your desired month.


Queenstown, New Zealand
Tanzania, Africa
Bangkok, Thailand
Miami, Florida
Paradise Island, Bahamas
Lapland, Finland
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Bali, Indonesia
Ecuador, South America
Reykjavik, Iceland
Cancun, Mexico
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Aspen, USA
Nova Scotia, Canada
Cairns, Australia


Riviera Maya, Mexico
Scottsdale, Arizona
Philadelphia, PA
Cape Town, South Africa
Costa Rica
Belize, Central America
Hawaii, USA
Beijing, China


Tokyo, Japan
Venice, Italy
U.S. Virgin Islands
Kenya, Africa


New York City, NY
Dublin, Ireland
Saint-Tropez, France
The Florida Keys, USA
Los Cobos, Mexico
Banff, Canada


Barcelona, Spain
Alaska, USA
Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Crete, Greece
Laguna Beach, California
Charleston South, Carolina
Rome, Italy
Stowe, Vermont


Aspen, Colorado
Stockholm, Sweden
Madagascar, Africa
Prague, Czech Republic
Vancouver, Canada
Canyon Point, Utah
Bangkok, Thailand


San Diego, California
Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Oslo, Norway
Cannes, France
Vevey, Switzerland
Kenya, Africa
Corfu Island, Greece
Niagara Falls, Canada


Glasgow, Scotland
Tuscany, Italy
Denver, Colorado
Whitefish, Montana
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Auckland, New Zealand
Madrid, Spain
Brazil, South America


Egypt, Africa
Houston, Texas
Barcelona, Spain
Vancouver, Canada
Kenya, Africa


Phoenix, Arizona
Tulum, Mexico
Tahiti, French Polynesia
Cork, Ireland
Australia, Sydney
Johannesburg, South Africa
Maui, Hawaii
Florence, Italy


Argentina, South America
The Maldives
Miami, Florida
The Bahamas
Costa Rica
Cook Islands

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